BBL & Forever Young BBL

The BBL Light system uses light energy to diminish sun-damage, fine lines, acne, enlarged pores and more. BBL treatments stimulate new collagen production to give the skin a firmer, smoother appearance and more even skin tone. This is a non-invasive and gentle procedure with virtually no downtime. 

What it treats
  • Active acne
  • Age Spots
  • Sun Damage 
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles 
  • Freckles 
  • Redness & Rosacea 
  • Flushing
  • Small Facial Vessels 
  • Enlarged Pores 
Procedure Time

Forever Young BBL– 30-60 min 

BBL– Varies 

Face for Pigmentation– 30 minutes

Face for Acne– 30 minutes 

Cheeks (Rosacea)– 15 minutes 

Neck– 30 minutes 

Chest– 30 minutes 

Arms– 45 minutes 

Legs– 1 hour 

Back– 45 minutes 

Hands– 15 minutes 

Recovery Time and Side Effects

There are rarely any side effects or downtime with Forever Young BBL. Most patients can even put on makeup immediately afterwards. On rare occasions, there can be minor swelling.  You may also experience some redness that should decrease within a few hours. For pigmented lesions that were treated, you will see a darkening of that area followed by flaking and healing as time goes on. 


Forever Young BBL delivers excellent results to the vast majority of people. Sun damage is decreased, redness is diminished, reflectivity of light is increased, and pores and fine lines decrease as well. It is easily the most effective, no-downtime treatment ever developed in aesthetics. 

Initially, 3-5 treatments at 2-4 week intervals will produce the best results, 2-4 Treatments as maintenance is an excellent way to slow down the aging process. 

After a series of traditional BBL treatments, most of our clients see improvement in nearly every aspect of their skin. BBL is also one of the most effective ways to slow down the aging process. Having 2-3 treatments per year as maintenance is a fantastic anti-aging program.

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