Well child visit

What is a well-child visit?

A well-child visit is a check-up that you have with Dr. Mope to assess your child’s health and development and to address any problems that might be arising. Well-child visits are also an opportunity for you to ask Dr. Mope any questions that you might have about your child’s physical and mental health and development. Even though Dr. Mope is an expert on your child’s health, remember that you’re the expert on your child, so it’s important to inform Dr. Mope of anything you’ve noticed or seen in between your child’s visits.

What happens during a well-child exam?

When you come in for your child’s well-child visit, Dr. Mope:
• Performs a physical exam to check your child’s height, weight, hearing, and vision
• Gives your child any necessary shots, such as immunizations or vaccinations
• Assesses the progress of your child’s physical growth and mental development
• Discusses diet, physical fitness, illness prevention, and health and safety concerns
• Explains different ways you can handle emergencies and sudden illnesses

Dr. Mope records all of this information in your child’s permanent medical record so that she can track their development over the course of their well-child visits.

When should I bring in my child for a well-child visit?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you come in for well-child visits when your child is:
• 3-5 days old
• 1 month old
• 2 months old
• 4 months old
• 6 months old
• 9 months old
• 12 months old
• 15 months old
• 18 months old
• 24 months old
• 30 months old
• 3 years old
• 4 years old

After your child is 4 years old, your child should come in for a well-child visit every year until they’re 18.